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Resident Student

As this institute is particularly for monks, those wishing to enroll must be male, and must have received vows.

All aspiring students must be well acquinted with basic Tibetan grammar and reading. The subjects taught are Buddhist philosophies of ancient Nalanda university which are now accessible in Tibetan language.


Aspiring students who are below 15 years old and not meeting the admission requirements can study basic Tibetan grammar and Tibetan language at our Sachen School, a unit of Sakya College, which is located at Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement.


Students fulfilling the mentioned criteria can visit the college directly, or can simply fill up the online form in our website.

Non-Resident Student

Although there is no specific criteria for non-resident students, they must be genuinely interested in learning Buddhism. Understanding Tibetan language is an added advantage. We welcome both male and female students. We provide free rooms if available (only for males), and meals, but female students have to arrange their own lodgings. Non-resident students can avail courses of their choice, and they don’t have to abide by rules and regulations as resident students do. We request aspiring non-resident students to contact our office prior to joining the college for necessary arrangements.

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