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Student  Enviornment  Committee

History and Objectives: 

Loving-Kindness Vegetarian Committee was formed in 2008 by the sheer effort of the then teacher, Nyakrong Khenpo Khenrab Zangpo. The purpose of this committee was to protect the lives of all living beings and those helpless animals whose lives are exploited for commercial gains. Also, this committee was formed with the noble intention of advocating vegetarianism amongst the local people, and for the longevity of our root gurus and other masters through this noble cause.



Formal Inauguration of the Committee:

This committee was formally founded on the Parinirvana Anniversary of Kunkhyen Gowo Rabjampa Sonam Sengge, on which day, particularly, fifty monks pledged to become vegetarian for their whole life; some pledged to not eat all meats for a few years, and some pledged to avoid only fish and chicken or only eggs. These pledges were dedicated to the longevity of our principal root guru, His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trichen Rinpoche, and other teachers. Hence, the Spring Kunkhyen Event is not only the commemoration of the Parinirvana Day of Kunkhyen Gorampa but also marks the founding day of the Vegetarian Committee of Sakya College. 

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