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For the propagation of Buddha’s teachings; for the longevity of dharma holders; to dispel sicknesses, misfortunes, and other obstacles; and for the accumulation of good merits, as well as for the long life of our sponsors and donors; and to pacify conflicts, famine, calamities, and other misfortunes in the world, monks here recite the mantra of Mahakala 100,000 times right after the reopening of the college, in July. Additionally, the puja of propitiation is performed daily at the Mahakala shrine-room. Monks recite mantras of Guru Padmasambhava, Arya Tara, Amitayus, Medicine Buddha, Heart Sutra, and chant merit-dedication daily in their morning prayer. They recite the mantra of Medicine Buddha, Arya Tara, and Amitayus 100 times each (or perform 400 offerings and recite the Heart Sutra occasionally) once a month. On the 29th day of the Tibetan lunar calendar, monks perform the grand Mahakala puja. Please contact our office or treasurer if you are interested in performing any of the mentioned pujas.

Applied Cost for Different Pujas 
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