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Student Welfare Committee

Āchārya Āryadeva had stated that good health is imperative for those who are practicing the Dharma in general, and more specifically, for those who are on the rigorous path of learning and contemplating the philosophies and sciences of profound and extensive Buddhists fields. 

With this holistic approach, the Students’ Welfare Committee was founded in 2003 by Khenchen Sonam Gyatso, with the primary aim to look after and support sick students, and promote health awareness within the campus from time to time. To quote Khenchen on taking up this initiative and forming the committee, he said, “If there is a specific group dedicated to taking care of only the sick and needy students, from one perspective, not only [beside the welfare work] will they gain experience on how to manage and render service towards the monastery or society in general [while working in the welfare activities], but, from another perspective, the same experience gained today will also be useful in managing one’s monastic centers in the future, thereby committing to greater beneficial acts for individual and social causes...”

Despite starting with a meager amount of capital, the committee members, since its inception in 2003, kept working tirelessly to raise funds which were challenging in itself due to the nature of the work, often requiring to contact various sponsors and friends, both domestic and international. With the sheer gratitude of the donors and supporters, the committee was able to perform practical benefits, whether in fully nursing and funding small pains like headaches, or completely providing funds and support for serious surgical expenses. Besides such meritorious and practical beneficial acts, the committee constantly provided new robes during Losar, pocket money during the holidays of Losar and summer vacations, and provided transport expenses during their annual vacations. The committees of the respective year also funded necessary amenities such as buying a water filter, electricity generator, computer lab, clinic, winter clothings; a four-wheeler for transportation; Thangkas, statues; funded an educational and pilgrimage tour for all students and teachers; and many more. In addition to their meritorious works, each welfare committee of the respective year has also been keeping aside some amount as the capital amount for the College and Committee’s continuous functions, in all their capabilities. 

Since its inception, the Welfare Committee has brought satisfactory results and has fulfilled the noble aspirations of our Root gurus and the head abbots. Also, all the students acknowledged its importance and expressed their gratitude for the noble causes fulfilled by the committee.

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