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In ancient times during the Buddha’s period, monasteries didn’t face financial difficulties because Buddha and his disciples depended solely on alms wherever they went. But with changing times, the old tradition of subsisting on alms has greatly changed, and now monasteries and institutions have to shoulder huge responsibilities for maintaining students’ daily expenses for food, clothing, and monastery maintenance. Similarly, this college also has to depend entirely on funds provided by generous patrons.

The college’s funds mainly come from donations. Since it doesn’t have any income outlets nor does it run on fees, the only few ways to keep functioning are to receive financial support by maintaining continual relations with existing benefactors and establishing contact with new donors from within and outside the country, for which Khenpo Tsultrim Tendar is responsible. Additionally, under the generous help of Sakya Tenphel Ling of Singapore, five to six monks are sent to Singapore and Malaysia yearly to perform New Year’s rituals for the welfare of our sponsors and donors. The donations and offerings received from there also contribute to the college’s funds. Under the guidance of the late Khenchen Appey, the college has constructed a guest house to act as a fund-source with a capital investment of INR 500,000. If you wish to extend sponsorship/donations towards individual students or to the college, you can contact the office during office hours. There isn’t any fixed amount for your donations.

The college’s main expenditures include staff salaries, food allowances, and a monthly pocket money of Rs. 200 to each monk. Every year, during the onset of summer vacation, each monk is given Rs. 7500 as travel expenses. Other expenditures include the renovation and maintenance of the college’s infrastructure. So, in brief, the total expenditure per year is USD 54,612. The donations received are used entirely for students’ food, clothing, and the college’s maintenance without any misuse.


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