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Student Education Committee

Student education committee was initially envisioned and founded by Khenchen Appey Rinpoche during his tenure as the head abbot, which was later revived and set up by the fourth abbot, Khenchen Sonam Gyatso, during his tenure at Sakya College, which was done in line with the inclinations and requirements of the modern academic system. Such a newer version of the Education Committee was founded exactly on the 21st day of September in 2006, with the single aim of focusing on developing the education of the students.


Objectives and Functions:

This committee is democratic-based and functions through voting to appoint its new president, vice-president, secretary, and other working members. The objective of this committee is to develop the education of the students by regularly reviewing the syllabus, daily debating sessions, weekly grand debates, and regular classes, which are mostly spearheaded by the Khenpos, teachers, and assistant teachers. Along with these curricular activities, the committee also invites learned scholars and experienced teachers from diverse schools to impart and lead intensive short programs, and it organizes Dharma-related symposiums amongst the students to enhance their skills. It also encourages the respective teachers to supervise and instruct the students every month; organize writing contests; publish books on various subject matters, such as those related to philosophical discourses, research findings on biographies, and hagiographies; and annual literary magazines, which are aimed to benefit the students in academic studies. 


Working members (Past and present):

There is a strong notion - in the context of educational belief - that teachers are like the torch that leads the way, and the potential of each torch is accounted for dispelling the darkness in each and every corners of the universe. In the same manner, the Khenpos, teachers, and assistant teachers - the radiance of wisdom - have all become the rays for students, who collectively define the Education Committee of Sakya College.

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