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Resident Student

萨迦学院于 1972 年 12 月 19 日在德拉敦穆苏里的 Barlowganj 成立,萨迦贡玛赤钦仁波切与堪千阿佩仁波切

最初,学院是在 Barlowganj 和 May Cottage 租用的房子,为期八年。 1980年迁至现址,至今蓬勃发展。




Non-Resident Student

Although there is no specific criteria for non-resident students, they must be genuinely interested in learning Buddhism. Understanding Tibetan language is an added advantage. We welcome both male and female students. We provide free rooms if available (only for males), and meals, but female students have to arrange their own lodgings. Non-resident students can avail courses of their choice, and they don’t have to abide by rules and regulations as resident students do. We request aspiring non-resident students to contact our office prior to joining the college for necessary arrangements.

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