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This new subdivision school of Sakya College is located at Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand State, India. Although this school plays a vital role in nurturing the students akin to other regular primary schools, being a primary school specially enabling the students to enter the Buddhist colleges and shedras, this school is unique in a sense of providing classes and choosing students. The school will be nurturing only small monks, providing them with classes – primarily focused on Tibetan languages– along with English, Mandarin, Hindi, maths, rituals and liturgies, history, religious history and Buddhism. After having studied all these subjects which will be taught in regular classroom style, students who complete the class equivalent to 8th grade or possess the equal knowledge will be liable candidates to enter any colleges for higher Buddhist studies. Thus, this school aims to serve as a fundamental ground to produce global and individual happiness by harbouring students who will have mastered the science of Buddhism and propagate the message of peace Buddhism.


萨迦学院于 1972 年 12 月 19 日在德拉敦穆苏里的 Barlowganj 成立,萨迦贡玛赤钦仁波切与堪千阿佩仁波切

最初,学院是在 Barlowganj 和 May Cottage 租用的房子,为期八年。 1980年迁至现址,至今蓬勃发展。




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