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萨迦学院于 1972 年 12 月 19 日在德拉敦穆苏里的 Barlowganj 成立,萨迦贡玛赤钦仁波切与堪千阿佩仁波切

最初,学院是在 Barlowganj 和 May Cottage 租用的房子,为期八年。 1980年迁至现址,至今蓬勃发展。





The new library is adorned with full sets of Kangyurs and Tengyurs, which contain the words of the Buddha Śākyāmuni. Additionally, it houses hundreds of texts and commentaries on Buddhist philosophical studies from various sects, as well as multilingual texts on grammatologies, historiographies, hagiographies, theologies, poetries, philologies, and other Buddhism-related genres. This extensive collection, numbering more than ten thousand, serves not only the daily needs of traditional academia students but also holds value for modern researchers.

Moreover, the library features a separate multimedia archive room with audio cassettes, CD recordings, and other audio/video formats preserving teachings from past and present teachers. A computer lab is also available for researchers and students to conduct online research, teaching, access texts and scriptures, as well as perform photocopying and scanning tasks. Additionally, there is an auditorium for hosting scholarly discussions and intensive programs, along with isolated seating areas equipped with modern facilities, meeting the standards found in international universities.

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